Stained Glass

Alexandra Orton, aka “Zan”, finds joy in creating colorful stained glass objects. She finds beauty in how the light plays through the objects while stationary or even spinning. Colorful shadows being tossed around can be mesmerizing.  

Each piece of stained glass has been carefully selected and paired with other similar or contrasting colors. Custom designs have been created for each piece, cut, ground, copper foiled, soldered, then shined. Each unique piece has been hand crafted.


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Stained Glass Butterflies

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Stained Glass Southwest

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Stained Glass Crosses

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Stained Glass Hearts

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Stained Glass Balloons

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Stained Glass Turtles

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Stained Glass Umbrellas

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Custom Stained Glass

If you have a custom piece that you would like, drop Zan a line with details on what you’re hoping to have made, and she will work on designing a customized piece for you. Also, if there is a piece displayed on this page that you would prefer in a different color, let her know.