Acrylic Paintings

Welcome to Zan Orton Art. This page is dedicated to the acrylic paintings of Alexandra “Zan” Orton. She loves creating in any medium she can get her hands on, but her preferred medium is acrylic paint. She has been using it for many years. It has become an extension of herself. The subjects may change, but she loves the versatility of this paint. Because of her love of vibrant colors, and the flexibility of either laying a thick texture or a light glazing, acrylic paint is her ‘go to’ medium for expression. You can enjoy her acrylic paintings via categories : Surreal, Flowers, Trucks or Assorted or view them all by scrolling. 


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There are some subjects that do not fall into any one category, but they demanded to be painted. You may find birds or horses or themed paintings in specific hues.

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