About Zan Orton

Since birth Alexandra Orton, “Zan”, has appreciated the God-made beauty all around her. In order to make a moment last and share it with others, she tried to mimic it, whether that meant drawing, painting, stained glass, or any new medium that came her way. She’s always reaching and stretching herself, trying new things and in new ways. Her style in painting leans in a surrealistic direction either by the unusual colors used or the story she is trying to tell visually. Sometimes the message is simply to rest and be.

Her daily aim is to recapture the beauty all around her. To invite us to sit down and be present in this moment. To sense the feeling in that moment. To breathe. To rest. She wishes to share her perspective on the experience, whether that be a moment in the garden or the joy she feels in seeing a primed out old truck. Especially in this day and age where fear is all around us, she wants to challenge us to fight the chaos by taking a moment to rest in beauty. And if you create, she would encourage you to continue creating.

Look closely at her surreal paintings that tell a story from even the smallest details like the clouds. For example, her triptych of hot air balloons that she completed in her first year living in New Mexico, is a nod to a surreal painting, “Fish Out of Water”,  that she painted while living in the Arizona desert for over twenty years. Her pieces connect to her and each other and have found new homes all around the United States.

She has small group workshops in person and online. The purpose is to inspire others to capture the beauty around them and to tell their story through creating. If you’re interested in being on her workshop waiting list, drop her a line and she will contact you about the next opportunity.

Thank you for visiting. She hopes it inspires you to stop, take a moment to breathe and see her perspective.  Remember rest and just be. See the beauty all around you.